Hybrid Coagulation Empowerment Network: Use of Factor Xa-inhibiting agents

Webinar, May 6, 2022 20:00 CET


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Lars Asmis

Asmis Factor Xa

Factor Xa inhibitors – Relevant Pathophysiology & Laboratory Aspects (English w/Spanish subtitles)

Lars Asmis

Bendersky Use of Xa inhibiting Agents

Use of Xa-inhibiting Agents: A Neurologist Perspective (English w/Spanish subtitles)

Mariana Bendersky
English w/subtitles in Spanish
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Q & A

Lars Asmis

Alicia Vilaseca

Ecaterina Scarlatescu


PD Lars Asmis Ph.D, MD
Privatdozent der Universität Zürich, Hematology and Internal Medicine FMH, Hematology FAMH, Center for perioperative Thrombosis and Hemostasis, Zürich, Switzerland, President of VFPM and giganode.org
Mariana Bendersky Ph.D, MD
Associate Professor, Neurologist. Hospital italiano of Buenos Aires. Assistant Professor, University of Buenos Aires


Ecaterina Scarlatescu MD
Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Fundeni Clinical Institute, Bucharest, Romania
Alicia Vilaseca MD
Head, Hematology Department, San Camilo Private Surgery Clinic, Buenos Aires, Argentina