W3_POB Salzburg Seminar discussion
W3_POB Salzburg Seminar discussion

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Igor Vaskovic
Igor Vaskovic, MD, is an anaesthesiologist at the Clinic for Anaesthesia and Intensive care at Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. He was born in NisĖŒ in southern Serbia, where he completed medical …
Tina Triantafillopoulou
Konstantina Triantafillopoulou MD, is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Private Practice, in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. She was born in Hamburg, Germany but lived in a small city in Northern Greece unti…
Lars Asmis
Lars Asmis, MD is a hematologist/internist with a specialty in laboratory hematology who specializes in perioperative coagulation management. Dr. Asmis grew up in Berlin, Germany where he completed sc…
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