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Be conservative with use of Blood and Blood resources
3. Use all effective blood conservation methods in both medical and surgical patients.
4 videos
Inform and Educate
5. Thoroughly inform and educate medical professionals, patients and their caregivers on the importance of PBM. Involve patients in treatment and management decisions and obtain formal consent.
6 videos
Managing Coagulation and Hemostasis
2. Identify and rapidly address coagulation/hemostatic issues perioperatively.
13 videos
Managing Iron Deficiency and Anemia
1. Identify, evaluate and treat iron deficiency and anemia in both medical and surgical patients with appropriate Pharmacological Agents
6 videos
Perioperative Monitoring of Patient Status
4. Carefully monitor patients’ condition after surgery and rapidly intervene by either interventional radiology and/or endoscopy for unexpected bleeding depending on the source.
9 videos