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Time has flown by since our January kickoff – when you are busy, time flies. So to restart our conversation and to keep you updated, we present to you the first episode of our biweekly giganode.org newsletter, available exclusively to registered members of giganode.org.

New material

  • our giganode.org linkedin channel is now active – we will announce upcoming events and meetings through this channel and it would be great if you would join and help us to share the news.
  • all our members are visible on a single page at giganode.org/community – please update your photo on your profile.
  • Expert and Speaker map available to all who have made presentations so far.
  • There is now a search button on the top menu. Use it to look for webinars, experts, posts.
Screenshot 2021-04-18 at 13.14.08 copy.jpeg
Screenshot 2021–04–18 at 13.14.08 copy.jpeg

Webinar pages now available

You can now view all our Webinars from the main menu, either in the educational content section, or at the “upcoming and previous Webinars and Events" on the top left of the page.

N.B. While much of our live content is publically-accessible, to view videos after the live date, you will however need to be signed in as a member. Get your colleagues to register today!

Upcoming Events

Our series on endometriosis continues with the upcoming webinar for Argentina/LATAM (https://www.giganode.org/webinars/webinar-endometriosis-20042021/) – in English with Subtitles in Spanish

Next community zoom meeting

is now scheduled on 30 May 2021 at 17:00 CEST – if you would like to attend, please send a short email to office@giganode.org and we will reserve a place in the zoom meeting (attendance will be limited, first come first served basis).

Status development projects


Our Forum is now open for access. We begin with three sections for you to post in:

  1. off-topic (for anything) and
  2. uncategorized (for more serious discussion).
  3. feedback for, well, feedback

when we are ready we will open up areas for specialised discussions, but first things first.

Your forum profile will be editable, and you can add a photo. Come and say hello on the main forum.

Some points of note: when you begin as a new user, privileges will be limited but will be lifted over time as you become familiarised with the system. Read more about it here.

If you already feel you would like to explore the system earlier and more actively, then you are invited to join as a pilot member:

please send an email to charles at admin@giganode.org to become a pilot tester and help us get the forum up and running –

  • you will receive posting privileges earlier, and a special award
  • You will be invited to attend a series of 30 minute weekly zoom calls with me to help share feedback and learnings.

Thanks this week go to:

In the meantime, please send any feedback to either Charles (admin@giganode.org) or Josef (office@giganode.org) and we look forward to seeing you around!

from all the team at giganode.org

The giganode.org newsletter

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