Zauresh Barmanasheva

Zauresh Barmanasheva, MD. graduated from the Kazakh National Medical University in 2015. She continued her residency at the Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education. Since 2013 she has been working at the Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan as a gynecological surgeon.
Since 2013 – training in endovideosurgery in operative gynecology on the basis of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine in Almaty.
In 2016, she completed courses in advanced laparoscopic surgery in gynecology – Tbilisi, Georgia.
In 2015, together with the Almaty State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors, she received a Republican scientific grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for conducting a clinical study on laparoscopic myomectomy with temporary occlusion of the uterine arteries and prevention of recurrence of uterine fibroids.
2015-2016 – obtaining innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Method for the prevention of recurrence of uterine fibroids after myomectomy” and “Method for surgical treatment of uterine fibroids”.
Since 2020, she continues her PHD and works on a dissertation on the topic “Diagnostics and assessment of peritoneal fluid in deep infiltrative endometriosis in order to determine the pathogenetically justified treatment of external endometriosis.”
The main interest is in the development of reproductive surgery in order to preserve reproductive function in women with complex gynecological diseases.