Tomaz Crochemore

is a critical care physician focusing on thrombosis and hemostasis and coagulation disorders in critically ill patients.
Dr. Tomaz is Brazilian, born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, married to Izabella, and has two children, Manuela and Miguel.
He graduated in medicine at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro.
He did his medical residency in internal medicine at the trauma center, Hospital Miguel Couto in Rio de Janeiro and Critical Care Medicine at the Hospital Pró Cardiaco in the same city.
Since 2005 he has been studying coagulation disorders, thrombosis and hemostasis in the critically ill patient scenario.
He carries the title of specialist in Critical Care Medicine awarded by the Brazilian Society of Critical Care Medicine (AMIB), where he is a member until today.
He moved to São Paulo in 2011 to work as a diary doctor at ICU of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. At Einstein he created a hemostasis and thrombosis, group as well as a practical course in realistic simulation in coagulation disorders, helping to implement the point of care-guided bleeding management protocol in critically ill patients.
Since 2015 he has participated in several international seminars on patient blood management and perioperative bleeding both as a fellow (e.g. Vienna, Hainburg, Austria; Doha, Qatar) and as a faculty member (e.g Hainburg, Austria; Sao Roque, Brazil) .
in 2016 he was a fellow at the University of Zurich in the trauma and cardiac surgery center under the guidance of Prof. Donat Spahn.
Dr. Tomaz has earned a master’s degree in health sciences in the area of coagulation and hemostasis from Faculdade Israelita de Ciências da Saude Albert Einstein. Currently he is finishing his PhD course in the same field.
His research field is with rotational thromboelastometry and point of care tests in coagulation; but also in patient blood management, perioperative bleeding and bleeding management in critically ill patients including trauma, liver transplantation, cardiac surgery, ECMO and postpartum hemorrhage.
In 2017 he was invited to be a manager of the ICUs of the Hospital Leforte, his current position.

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