Serkan Ertugay, MD, is a cardiovascular surgeon at Ege University Cardiovascular Surgery Department. He was born in Muğla in 1980, and he completed medical studies at the University of Ege, in 2004. Thereafter he passed the exam and he started to do its residency on cardiovascular surgery in Ege University. Then, he finished his residency and became consultant surgeon. He worked as a consultant surgeon in Kütahya State Hospital for 18 months. He came back to Ege University to continue its academic carrier. He worked as a consultant for 6 years and he became Associated Professor in 2018.
His personal interest is education in Cardiovascular Surgery. His field of scientific and clinical interest is Mitral valve repair, Aortic surgery, Echocardiography and Patient Blood Management. He is interested in coagulation system, bleeding, POC test since 2007. He attended many educational programs on PBM, Hemovigilance.  He is awarded with best medical paper and best oral presentation in 2016. He is board certified by Turkish society of Cardiovascular Surgery.
He is the co-editor of the writing committee on National Guideline on Patient Blood Management which is published in October 2019.  He ist he chief of Patient Blood Management Working Group of the Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery.           

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