Marija Jovanovski-Srceva was born in Skopje, and graduated from the medical faculty in 2000. She completed her MSc in 2013 and PhD studies in 2018 at the University” St. Cyril and Methodious”- UKIM, Medical Faculty, Skopje. She became a specialist in anesthesia, reanimation and intensive care in 2008.She is assistant professor at the Cathedra for anesthesia reanimation and intensive care at the UKIM in Skopje and at the moment is working as an anesthesiologist and reanimatilogist at the University Department of thoraco-vascular surgery. Additionally, she is a hospital transplant coordinator. Marija during the past years had been awarded with scholarships from WHO, IAEA, JICA, HEAT, TPM, PBM and other international organizations in different fields of research and professional postgraduate courses. She had professional upgrade in the field of Cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular surgery at the NCVC (National Cardiovascular Center of Japan- Osaka), under mentorship of Proff. Soshiro Kitamura. As a member at the medical faculty, she takes part in the field of teaching the residents, students and medical nurses for basic, advanced and prolonged life support, modern nursing strategies, specifics of anesthesia, bleeding, vascular surgery specifics and intensive care. Her personal fields of interest are vascular surgery, perioperative, postoperative management of patients, haemostasis research and education. She has received awards as an author and researcher for several research and published manuscripts internationally. She is an editor and reviewer for several eminent publishing houses and an active consultant for research forums. She is a member of the European Society of Anesthesiology (ESA), ESPA, MJA, and is a vice president for the  Society of Anesthesiologists in N. Macedonia. She has attended numerous domestic and international congress symposiums and schools as a lecturer and speaker.