Lars Asmis, MD is a hematologist/internist with a specialty in laboratory hematology who specializes in perioperative coagulation management. Dr. Asmis grew up in Berlin, Germany where he completed schooling. He graduated from the University of Berne Medical School and underwent postgraduate training in experimental medicine and biology. Subsequently he attended the university clinics of internal medicine and hematology at the Universities of Berne and Geneva. He obtained specialty titles in internal medicine and hematology (FMH). As a junior attending working in internal medicine at Geneva University Hospital he obtained a grant from the Swiss Society for Medical & Biological Stipends, thanks to which he spent two years of research activities as a visiting scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore, MD. From here he was recruited to the University of Zurich, where he ran the universities coagulation laboratory for 6 years. As a result of his research and education commitments he obtained the title of Privatdozent.

He has also since founded his own practice: the Zentrum für Perioperative Thrombose and Hämostase ( as well as a private Coagulation Laboratory.

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