Juliana Bartocci

Juliana J. Bartocci, is an Intensivist, with specialities in General Medicine and Intensive Care, and currently taking a Masters Course at the Patient Blood Management Programme at Danube University of Krems, Austria. Dr. Bartocci grew up in Franca, a small town within the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she completed her schooling. She graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas and underwent a Residency Program in Internal Medicine. Subsequently she attended an Intensive Care Residency Program in Sirio Libanes Hospital, at Sao Paulo.  In Beneficiência Portuguesa de Sao Paulo, she started a PBM program, with a Management of Severe Acute Bleeding Protocol. Currently she works at two hospitals in Sao Paulo – Sirio Libanes Hospital and Vila Nova Star Hospital, where she now works on duty and as a daily routine physician, and begins a new project in Patient Blood Management.
Dr. Bartocci is currently involved in educational programs of coagulation disturbances and guided transfusion. She lives in São Paulo, Brazil, with her husband Ivan and son Arthur.

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