Irina Stanoevich

Dr. Irina Stanoevich was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia. She graduated from Sechenov Medical University with the Gold medal award in 2002. Then underwent specialization and postgraduate course at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the same University. After successful achieving the first scientific degree she was employed as an assistant and consequently obtained the title of docent at the native Department. Parallelly she worked at the gynecological surgery department of the University clinic. In 2013 she completed the research work on the benign and premalignant uterine pathology and received the second scientific degree MD. During this period, she had been developing the system of clinicomorphological and molecular staging of various combinations of the benign uterus pathologies. She proposed three stages of the benign uterus pathology and stage specific treatment tactic.
Afterwards Dr. Stanoevich underwent specialization in health care organization and was recruited as a Chief doctor Deputy for gynecology at Moscow City Hospital N56 that had been profiled for inflammatory and septic surgical patients. Within this period she got specialty of oncologist and underwent an educational course at Bundang Hospital (S.Korea).
From 2015 Irina has been working as a gynecologist at the endocrine surgery Department of the National Endocrinology Research Center. In 2016 she got the Russian Federation President’s  grand for young MD and during two years  parallelly with clinical work developed the problem “Endometrial receptivity in acromegalic patients: reproductive and oncological risks”.
Her research interests include early stages of oncogenesis in reproductive organs, tumor multiplicity and multicentricity.
Dr. Stanoevich is married and has two children.

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