Felipe Pinn de Castro, MD is an anesthesiologist with a focus on liver surgery / liver transplantation and management of perioperative bleeding. He grew up in São Paulo / Brazil, graduated from the Presidente Prudente School of Medicine and did his medical residency at Hospital Sírio Libanês, in São Paulo. After finishing his residency he joined the Trauma team at the Hospital das Clínicas of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (FMUSP). After 18 months he became a member and partner of the anesthesia group SMA (Anesthesia Medical Services) which is responsible for the anesthesia department of 4 large hospitals in São Paulo with about 320 anesthetists, including the hospital where he did his residency and where he began his focus on liver surgery and transplantation 11 years ago. Also because of his interest in academic activities, he became co-responsible for the medical residency service at Hospital Sírio Libanês, together with his anesthesia group – SMA, and the department of Continuing Medical Education – SMA. He is currently the coordinator of the coagulation department of the Society of Anesthesiology of the State of São Paulo-SAESP, developing actions to promote knowledge in bleeding management, and a PhD student at FMUSP as a line of research in perioperative anemia.
His subjects of interest are management of bleeding and perioperative anemia, hemodynamic monitoring and liver surgery / liver transplantation (connected issues). In addition to academic teaching and research activities.
He currently lives in São Paulo / SP close to his family.

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