Dr. Kalaca started his professional life as a general practitioner in a small-town health center in the Black Sea Region, Catalzeytin in 1989. After his residency training in Ankara was an expert and field trainer in Mother & Child Health at the Ministry of Health, a delegate of the Turkish Medical Association (TMA), vice president of Turkish Family Physicians Association (TAHUD), and led the Family Medicine Department at Marmara University Medical School.

For many years, Cagri has been intensely involved in establishing and progressing medical education and ethics and patient rights, leading and working in numerous groups and committees, both in academic and non-academic organisations, and collaborated nationally and internationally with organizations; public as WHO, MoH, medical associations, municipalities; and the private sector, including pharma, finance, GSM operators, FMCG companies.

Most recently, Cagri has been Executive Board Member of EFPC European Forum for Primary Care, an international organization aiming to improve the health of the population through advocating, the transparent exchange of data and evidence in Primary Care.

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