Bronwyn Pearse is a Clinical Nurse Consultant (Blood Management) at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. Bronwyn was born in Brisbane where she completed her studies as a Registered Nurse in 1988. Bronwyn has worked in numerous hospitals around Australia including many rural posts.Bronwyn received a scholarship to complete a Master’s Degree in Clinical Practice in 2008 and is currently a PhD Candidate at Griffith University in the last year writing up her thesis. Bronwyn spent many years working as a Nurse Researcher before moving into Blood Management in 2011.Bronwyn is a committee member on the National Blood Authority Patient Blood Management Steering Committee, Australian Health Commission / Australian National Blood Authority PBM Collaborative, and the Australian Health Commission / Australian National Blood Authority Standard 7 Review Committee. Bronwyn is also on the Australian Jurisdictional Blood Commission working group reviewing/updating the PBM Guidelines: Module 2 – 6. In 2015 Bronwyn received an award from the National Blood Authority for ‘Excellence in Implementation of a PBM Program’.