About Us

Where healthcare professionals build tomorrow’s standard of care.

giganode.org was founded with the following aims:

  • to help healthcare professionals advance standard of care
  • to generate and maintain a network across the world
  • to make global knowledge locally applicable
  • to share local experience across a global community
  • to implement an interdisciplinary approach
  • to nurture the healthcare leaders of tomorrow

giganode.org is a developing community of Healthcare Professionals. The diverse interactive conversations are being organised into groups, related to clinical areas of unmet need, which we are calling "Areas of Care". Each area will be provide a place for dynamic interchange between members, with an expert forum, live chat exchange, a dynamic news feed and a live broadcasting portal for webinar events and discussions. To ensure the quality and validity of the content, experts in the corresponding area of care are delegated (on a rotating basis) to the verification and moderation of the medical content contributed to the area.

giganode.org.org is an empowerment network developed by an independent, non-partisan, patient centric group of healthcare professionals, and conceived by the “Verein zur Förderung der Perioperativen Medizin” (VFPM),  a not-for profit organization with its seat in Switzerland.

The VFPM and giganode.org team has been providing professional education of HCPs for more than 15 years.

Scientific Advisory board

Lars Asmis, MD, Privatdozent der Universität Zürich, Hematology and Internal Medicine FMH, Hematology FAMH, Center for perioperative Thrombosis and Hemostasis, Zurich, Switzerland
Serdar Gunaydin, MD, Professor in Cardiovascular Surgery Director of Cardiovascular Surgery at Numune Training Research Hospital, Ankara,Turkey.
Berrin Gunaydin, MD Professor of Anesthesiology at the Department of Anesthesiology in Gazi University School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey
Bronwyn Pearse, Ph.D Clinical Nurse Consultant (Blood Management), The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Australia.
Thorsten Haas, MD Professor of Anesthesiology Department of Pediatric Anesthesia Zurich University Children’s Hospital
Alicia Vilaseca, MD Head, Hematology Department, San Camilo Private Surgery Clinic, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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